Cuban Adventure

Cuban Adventure

Recently, Idaho ranchers Laurie and Bill Lickley traveled to Cuba. I spoke with Laurie about their adventure. She shares what future trade opportunities may be.

Lickley: "I do think that at some point, we will see a huge opportunity for ag exports specifically in protein. Their primary protein crops are pork, lobster and fish. While you can get chicken and beef, they are more of a luxury item."

She said the most of the agriculture they saw was like stepping back in time.

Lickley: "I think the most fascinating was probably the sugar cane. Seventy percent of all the sugar can in Cuba is actually still harvested by a hand-held machete. Thirty percent was harvested mechanically and we did see some of that but they are still harvesting by hand."

She adds that most of the farming was done with oxen and horses and although they saw tractors, they were very old and outdated. She continues with what they saw throughout their travels across Cuba

Lickley: "A lot of Cubans waiting on the road way in rural ares to try and catch a ride to some of the urban centers to purchase groceries and things like that. They may wait a day or they may wait four days for a bus to come by with room or a horse and cart to come by with room. There's a lot of potential in Cuba."

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