Avian Influenza Preparation

Avian Influenza Preparation

Avian Influenza Preparation. I'm Greg Martin with Washington Ag Today.

Earlier this year the avian influenza outbreak caused the destruction of millions of birds including many flocks here in the state. As the temperatures soared the threat of the outbreak declined but now that temperatures are cooling there is a possibility that it may once again invade commercial and backyard flocks. USDA is busy working to try and be prepared for a potential fall outbreak. USDA Veterinary Services Associate Deputy Administrator Dr. Jack Shere discusses preparations for potential Avian Influenza cases this Fall and says APHIS wants to keep farmers well informed in the event of an Avian Influenza outbreak.

SHERE: We want to make sure that they understand that we want them to know the steps. We want them to understand indemnity, depopulation, clean and disinfection, all the steps we're going to take in the vent of an outbreak.

Shere says early testing will help APHIS be prepared to deal with any Avian Influenza cases.

SHERE: That's why we do the surveillance. That's why we're doing the testing in the wild birds to get as early an indication as possible of what we may be facing.

Shere says APHIS is already testing in forty three states to be as prepared as possible for any Avian Influenza cases.

SHERE: Looking for this virus among wild birds. We continue to do that testing as an early indicator that behaves what we can expect to see in the area of high pathos low path if this virus should come south again with the birds.

And that's Washington Ag Today. I'm Greg Martin, thanks for listening on the Ag Information Network of the West.

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