Caring Cowboys Charity Event

Caring Cowboys Charity Event

On August 16th, the fourth annual Caring Cowboys Beef Counts Open Calf Roping will take place at the Jerome County Fairgrounds in Idaho. Caring Cowboy Founder and Event Coordinator Timi Lickley shares more details

Lickley: "This roping came about due to the fact that I always wanted to put a really good roping on. So we got together with friends in this area and we decided to do it as a charity event. That works out really well — giving back to the community. So we are excited about it and I think it is going to be a great event."

In the past three years, Lickley says the event has made a difference to hungry people in Idaho through the Beef Counts program.

Lickley: "I thihk that we are about at $32,000 to $34,000 right in that area. That is with AgriBeef giving 50 percent also. So in that we have given 90,000 servings of beef to the Idaho Food Bank."

So if you are in Southeast Idaho on the 16th of August stop by the Jerome County Fairgrounds and enjoy watching talented cowboys rope and support a great program like Beef Counts. Lickley adds thanks to the sponsors of this event in addition to AgriBeef parts of matching the funds for the Beef Counts program.

Lickley: "Northwest Farm Credit, Cargill, Logan Coach Trailers for trailer sales and Plant Food Inc and Box Canyon Dairy: those are our major sponsors. We appreciate all they do. They have helped us to continue growing this event."

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