Cluck N Moo

Cluck N Moo

Cluck N Moo. I’m Greg Martin with today’s Line On Agriculture.

With the rising costs of beef across the nation, people are looking at ways to save money-yet enjoy the food they like.  One company looked at ways to cut the costs while producing a healthier food product.  Steve Gold is founder and President of a company called Cluck, Inc, based in Nyack, New York.  Gold's company has developed a product called Cluck N Moo,  the first and only half chicken and half beef burger made from anti-biotic free chicken and grass fed beef.  Gold explains.

GOLD: I experimented to see what happens when you combine chicken and beef. And I was able to develop a process, we’ve just applied for the patent on it. The process I’ve developed, when the beef is cooked and that loses moisture the chicken picks up the moisture from the beef and so you get a real juicy burger that tastes like an 80/20 burger with 52% less fat.

And 34% less calories and 57% less saturated fat than a typical grass-fed beef burger.   Gold explains how customer acceptance to the new hybrid burger has been.

GOLD: Well we test marketed last summer in the various stores in the New York/New Jersey area and it tested very, very well. When we did the demos on the product in the stores to have people taste it, 80% of the people who tasted it bought the product so we knew we had something going and we launched it officially in March of this year.

That’s today’s Line On Agriculture. I’m Greg Martin on the Ag Information Network.

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