Winning Idea Provides Portal for Ag Interns and Companies

Winning Idea Provides Portal for Ag Interns and Companies

The aging of American agriculture affects all aspects of the industry -- whether it be on individual farms or ranches or in the agribusiness companies that serve agriculture.

Fitzgerald: "Young folks that are graduating with either two or four year degrees should really look at it. It gives them a chance to experience it."

That's Far West Agribusiness Executive Director Jim Fitzgerald encouraging college graduates to consider an internship and a career in agriculture. Last year his organization created a portal for prospective interns to post their resume for the Far West member companies to review.

It is an idea that netted Far West Agribusiness "Best Idea of the Year" at their national annual meeting. Fitzgerald shares that the first step for interested students is to go to Far West's website at

Fitzgerald: "They can fill out a one-page application, upload their resume and a cover letter. And our members then are able to view in and see the information they've uploaded, what towns they live or reside in and are available to work from and can offer them a paid internship. So it is just a simple concept of linking well-motivated students in the process of getting their degree and an opportunity for company to try them and them to try that particular industry and company. So I guess it is a well accepted idea and I think that it will be replicated in other places across the country."

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