Memorial Day Message

Memorial Day Message

Happy Memorial Day -- we take this day to honor and remember those who died defending our country and our freedom.

At Washington AgForestry’s 35th Anniversary Celebration Keni Thomas, spoke. He is singer songwriter but also a combat veteran, army ranger of the 75th Ranger Regiment who involved in the “Black Hawk Down” Mission. His inspirational message drew on his experiences on the battlefield, he stressed the importance of each of us making a difference for those around us in our home, community, country and world.

Thomas: “You have a gift and your gift is to take care of the people around you. Now I hope that you are using your gifts and I think at this point in the game, you probably are. All my friends that work in the farming industry to begin with will tell you, ‘It is all about relationships.’ They get it -- it is person to person. That’s how you make a difference. You don’t invent something that cures the world, you take care of the people around you. That is basically how I tell the story. That is why I’m still here from combat - the guys take care of each other. You go out there and you’ll take care of each other. That is how a difference is made. It is pretty simple. The idea is easy. How you do it is the challenge.”

Thomas continues

Thomas: “I use the scripture in Isaiah 6:8 which is, ‘Here I am Lord, send me.’ We all have a way to be sent. How are you being sent? How are you using what you’ve got?”

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