New Beef Ad Campaign

New Beef Ad Campaign

The new “Beef. It’s What For Dinner” consumer advertising began this month. The tagline and the signature, “Rodeo” music remain the same, but the campaign focus and voice have changed.
Cevin Jones, chair of the checkoff’s Domestic Consumer Preference Committee and producer from Eden, Idaho shares more details about the new campaign.

Jones: “We’ve got a new slogan, ‘What’s Your Dinner Made of?’ It is going to be focused around beef and the sizzle and nutrients of beef.”

The new campaign aims to reach the next generation of beef eaters -- the older millennial and Gen-Xer, age 25 to 44 who care about food and nutrition. Research has shown that 45 percent of this target demographic said they would choose beef more often if they knew about how its nutrients compared to chicken. 

Jones shares more details on the new voice.

Jones: “His name is Garrett Hedlund. He is a new up-and-comer in Hollywood and he has several movies out that he is in. I think he is going to strike home with that millennial group."

Jones says that Hedlund spent his early years on a Minnesota cattle operation so he knows the industry and is proud to represent beef producers.

Jones adds.

Jones: “For a producer standpoint, I want to make sure that they understand that we are targeting a newer age group. And that it is really important that we get a new voice that can resonate with that group of millennials.”


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