Plowing with Pigs Part 2

Plowing with Pigs Part 2

Plowing with Pigs Part 2. I’m Greg Martin with today’s Line On Agriculture.

A new book out called “Plowing with Pigs” looks at various low-budget solutions for small farms and ranchers. Author Hank Will says the book looks at some old-fashioned and unconventional methods in lieu of large out of pocket expenses.

WILL: We wanted to encourage folks to look at everything in their general surroundings as a potential resource. And to say take small steps but you can do it. You don’t need to have a tractor to plow up a little bit of ground to grow enough corn or wheat to get you through a year. You could use hogs to plow it up. You could eat the hog later or you could sell it.

Pigs do a fine job of rooting or ploughing small areas while looking for plants to eat. It also discusses some of the lost art of farming like trading commodities.

WILL: I think part of our take home message is to try to convince folks that you could look at your living situation, your house, your home , your homestead whatever it is as a point where you can actually produce things as opposed to a place where you just sit and consume things.

The book even goes into the discussion of cooking from scratch which the Martin family has done for a good many years. Want to check it out?

WILL: If you go to the Grit website which is and click on the shopping button you’ll be able to find it there. You can also get it at Amazon and you should be able to find it at many of your local book stores.

That’s today’s Line On Agriculture. I’m Greg Martin on the Ag Information Network. 

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