Agribusiness Update for Friday 3/8/13

Agribusiness Update for Friday 3/8/13

This is the Agribusiness Update...I’m Greg Martin...

With a vote of 267 to 151 - the U.S. House passed a continuing resolution Wednesday that would fund government agencies from March 27th through September 30th. The bill would avert a government shutdown - but does not provide funds to avoid the negative impact of sequestration except for Defense and Veterans Affairs.

Kansas Senator Pat Roberts has introduced legislation to cut 36-billion dollars from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program over 10 years. Citing tough times for millions of Americans and the government’s out-of-control spending - Roberts said it’s important to ensure precious taxpayer dollars are getting to those in the greatest need.

The group, GMO Inside, wants to advance the right of consumers to know if foods are genetically engineered. They are calling on Coca-Cola and Pepsi to label their GMO ingredients or completely eliminate GMO ingredients from their products. The group encourages consumers to take action by signing a petition, leaving comments on the Facebook walls of these companies and choosing drinks and snacks without GMOs.

That’s today’s Agribusiness Update from the Ag Information Network. 

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