Take Your Ag Business to the Next Level

Take Your Ag Business to the Next Level

Taking Your Business to the Next Level ??
I’m KayDee Gilkey with the Northwest Farm and Ranch Report.

Are you looking to take your ag business to the next level in 2013? Well there is a upcoming Advancement Management Seminar happening Jan. 22 and 23rd in Spokane. It is sponsored by lending-cooperative Northwest Farm Credit Services. If you have ever attending one of their educational events, you know it is well worth your time spent away from your farm or ranch.

Dick Wittman will lead this seminar. He is well known ag consultant who specializes in helping family businesses move to that next level using financial information to make operational and strategic decisions.
Wittman explains that today’s ag businesses and the business environment in which they work are more complex that past generations had to manage.

Wittman: “Now with multiple people and multiple enterprises, a much more wary consumer out there that’s equally concerned about how we do it as what we do - it is just a totally different environment. And we structure our businesses managerially to be seeking excellence all the time. Bottom line that is the difference. You can function with meterocity and survive. But if your goal is to be seeking excellence in your management processes, in your financial processes, in efficiencies, in your SOPs you have to gear up to do that. It just doesn’t happen.”

The Seminar is open to owners and managers of ag businesses in the process of expansion, diversification or transition to the next generation.

For additional information and registration, go to www.northwestfcs.com/resources.

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