Flat Stanley Opens World Up to Third Graders

Flat Stanley Opens World Up to Third Graders

Flat Stanley Opens World up to Third Graders
I’m KayDee Gilkey with the Northwest Farm and Ranch Report.

Not many third graders have had the opportunity to visit and experience many foreign countries, but thanks to a wheat farmer and a storybook character, one Ritzville third grade class knows more about six South East Asia countries.
Washington Grain Commissioner and wheat grower Mike Miller, who participated on a recent South East Asia Crop Quality Tour, took along Flat Stanley, a story book character who travels the world, and sent photos of Flat Stanley experiencing the different cultures much to the delight of the third grade class.

Miller: “Our group really embraced this conception and Stanley just became this rock star. He become his own cult hero. We would use Stanley one, when we entered a country, we would put him up with the welcome to Thailand or welcome to Philippines sign, and then I’d send them back immediately being a day ahead. Then when the teacher show up the next morning, up would come Stanley, here is Stanley. I took pictures on the airplane where they could follow us on a map. What we Originally intended was for me to send one or two photos back a day of the the culture. It turned into that we were using Stanley to actually interact with these people we there to visit and it really became a great avenue to open the gates for conversation.”

While on the trip, Flat Stanley attended four weddings and a graduation. Miller shared after his trip, the third grade class gave a presentation to him on what they learned from Flat Stanley’s trip through Asia.


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