App Allows Ranchers to Monitor Cows' Body Condition Scores

App Allows Ranchers to Monitor Cows' Body Condition Scores

App Allows Ranchers to Monitor Cows’ Body Condition Scores

Second Phase of Beef Body Score smart phone App is now available. After the break, we learn about the app that helps ranchers manage the nutrition program of their cow herd, I’m KayDee Gilkey with Open Range.

CHRYSTALX Brand Supplements has an smart phone app titled “Beef Cow BCS”. This free app helps cow-calf producers assign body condition scores on their individual cows. Account Manager Darin Anderson shares more about the app and how it works. A producer can take a photo of a cow now, assign it a body score then.

Anderson: “Come back two, three or four months later take a picture of that same cow to be able to determine if the cow has lost body condition score or if she is gaining body condition score. How she is doing in the pasture and being able to determine if the management practice on your place is working. If the current supplement, vitamin, mineral program is doing the desired effect the producer would like.”

So why did CHRYSTALX decide to create this app for ranchers?

Anderson: “Just to give producers more opportunity to judge how a program works. We sell a quality program and so we’ve gotta gie the producers tools to be able to manage their herds and to see that a program is doing what they want.”

One of the improvements with this second phase of the app released earlier this year is that a rancher can switch out the library examples of different body condition scores with his own examples if he’d like.

I’m KayDee Gilkey with Open Range on the Ag Information Network.  

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