Fire Victim's Relief Fund

Fire Victim's Relief Fund

A number of Washington livestock producers have been severely impacted by wildfires this year. During the Washington Cattlemen’s Association’s Executive Board meeting it was authorized that a fire victim’s relief fund should be established to meet those producers need for fencing materials and feed. WCA Executive Vice President, Jack Field, talks about recovery efforts.

FIELD: We’ve been talking and working with a number of producers here in the Kittitas County area that have been impacted by the fire. We’re also in the process of trying to work with a variety of the cattlemen in Douglas and Grant County areas. We’ve been working through county cattlemen’s associations as kind of the hub to reach out and help identify individuals that may need some type of assistance.

Field says there’s been a variety of products donated to the fire relief fund.

FIELD: There’s been a strong outpouring of feed that’s been donated, especially here in Kittitas County, that’s come from throughout the state. Some of the pharmaceutical companies have stepped up and donated product and materials to veterinarian offices located in close proximity to the burn areas.

State and federal agencies are also helping.

FIELD: We’ve had the ability through our state and county FSA office and NRCS here in Kittitas County, and I know the same thing is available in Douglas for those fire victims, to be able to have emergency use on CRP.

Field explains.

FIELD: Emergency use declaration allows for grazing without the contract holder of the CRP contract having to take a reduction. So it really gives a great opportunity for friends and neighbors to help one another out and it doesn’t put anybody at a financial hardship in regards to having to be in concern or fear of loosing contract dollars.

Those interested in helping should contact the WCA office at 509-925-9871.

I’m Lacy Gray and that’s Washington Ag Today on the Ag Information Network.  

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