Tailgate BBQ

Tailgate BBQ

Welcome to Open Range, I’m KayDee Gilkey. Stay tuned because after the break I’ll check in with our field reporter, Greg Martin for the AgriBeef Minute.

I’m Greg Martin with today’s AgriBeef Minute. It’s football season and according to AgriBeef’s Executive Chef, Alan Turner, there are some great secrets for successful tailgate barbecuing and it starts with good 75-25 ground beef.

TURNER: Cold ground beef is so important. Think about it. The fat in the beef is your flavor, right? And when you are using warm hands and the more the meat warms up the less flavor you are going to have when the beef is cooked. I’ll actually have a small bowl of ice water and I’ll keep my hands cold by dipping my hands in the ice water.

Turner says the shape of the burger is very important.

TURNER: Using as little effort as possible because we don’t want to compress the burger, shape it into your basic patty shape but here’s another little trick. Make it concave. Make it almost bowl shaped so that it is thinner almost by half in the center than it is at the edges. It will plump up in the center giving you a nice even burger that will cook evenly.

A little salt and pepper is all the seasoning you really need and then let the burgers cook.

TURNER: All cold meat will seize and stick to a grill. That’s a good thing actually because what it does is gives up a good contact with the heated surface. It will release when it’s ready.

He says to wait to see a sheen of juices on the top before flipping the burgers for a quick finish on the other side. And remember to keep the meat cold before using it to be on the safe side.

I’m Greg Martin and that’s today’s AgriBeef Minute.

Thanks Greg. Don’t forget Greg will be back each Wednesday with the AgriBeef Minute. Agri Beef Co - Real Families, Great People, Exceptional Beef. I’m KayDee Gilkey.  

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