Emergency Grazing & Voluntary Waiver On  Livestock Program

Emergency Grazing & Voluntary Waiver On Livestock Program

USDA Farm Service Agency State Executive Director Judy Olson has announced that in response to the need for forage in Kittitas County resulting from the Taylor Bridge fire the FSA has authorized emergency haying and grazing use of Conservation Reserve Program acres in Kittitas, Chelan, Douglas, Grant and Yakima counties for a period of thirty days. Washington producers interested in emergency haying and grazing of CRP must contact their local FSA office to obtain approval. Signup ends on August 31.

A Livestock Risk Protection policy provides protection against declining prices. Due to the severe drought USDA’s Risk Management Agency has announced approval of the voluntary waiver of Livestock Risk Protection Basic Provisions 30-day ownership requirement. RMA’s Jo Lynne Seufer explains.

SEUFER: Right now producers are required to maintain that ownership within that thirty days of marketing their livestock. So, if they bought an insurance policy back in March with a marketing plan in let’s say October, but yet because of the drought they’re running out of feed, or because of a fire they have no grazing land left, and they need to market their steers now, or their lambs, we’ll allow that.

The waiver will permit producers to market their livestock as necessary while their LRP policy continues in force. Producers who have a current LRP policy and are interested in the waiver should contact their livestock insurance agent asap.

I’m Lacy Gray and that’s Washington Ag Today on the Northwest Ag Information Network. 

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