Large Contribution Will Make Difference For AgForestry

Large Contribution Will Make Difference For AgForestry

Large Contribution Will Make Difference to Washington’s AgForestry Leadership Program


I’m KayDee Gilkey with today’s Northwest Farm and Ranch Report after this.

The Washington Agriculture and Forestry Education Foundation has received a substantial donation from ag leader and former National Association of Wheat Growers President, Jack Felgenhauer. Jack believes in AgForestry’s mission of advancing the natural resource industries through enhanced understanding, education and empowerment of future leaders.


Felgenhauer: “It was the best place I could think of to give a major donation and so I decided to give $100,000. I’m hoping it will make the AgForestry program a group that will continue and support agriculture and allow more people who are eligible to go through the program.” 


Felgenhauer was one of the industry leaders who helped begin the program in the mid-1970s. This gift will be used to endow the “Jack Felgenhauer Agriculture Issues Seminar” and help ensure the long-term sustainability of the Leadership Program.


President of the AgForestry Leadership Foundation Dave Roseleip shares,


Roseleip: “Having lived a lifetime of leadership for agriculture and his community, Jack recognizes the importance of investing in the development of future leaders. His contribution will help assure prepared and informed leaders for our industries and rural communities.” 


To date, more than 900 participants have graduated from the two-year program and serve in leadership capacities for their communities, commodity groups and state organizations.


I’m KayDee Gilkey and that the Northwest Farm and Ranch Report on Northwest Ag Information Network.



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