Pasco Real Ag Show

Pasco Real Ag Show

Pasco Real Ag Show. I’m Greg Martin with today’s Line On Agriculture.

The 2012 Pasco Real Ag Show is still a few months away but plans are underway to make this years event bigger and better. Shane Johnson, show coordinator, says they are still looking for some show sponsors.

JOHNSON: I think just getting their name recognition. More publicity to their business and this is a community event that’s been put on for 25 years and we want to keep it going and there’s different events or different parts of the show they can sponsor. Each one kind of gives a little different recognition for their company.

Les Schwab has signed on again as the premiere sponsor.

JOHNSON: I should start and thank them for being the premier sponsor this year which we are real excited to have Les Schwab back again and for their involvements. Other sponsorships we have are like the FFA competition and the biggest benefit they get for sponsoring that is a couple of scholarships and one of the scholarships will be given out in their name. The biggest think I think is just being part of the community and showing the community support for an event that has gone on for 25 years.

Johnson says they work hard at keeping the show fresh each year.

JOHNSON: We’ve done our best to try to keep in fresh and keep issues that are affecting agriculture - presentations and stuff on those kinds of issues but the vendors definitely keep people coming back. The educational programs - we’re offering pesticide credits. That’s kind of been our focus the last few years that seems to draw a lot of people in from the ag industry that need to keep their pesticide licenses current

He says that of course there will be numerous speakers on hand to discuss issue surround the ag industry. And as Johnson mentioned, there are all sorts of vendors on hand to show you what is the latest and greatest.

JOHNSON: We’ve got plenty of room for more. We’ve had a fair amount come in this year and I think we’re in a pretty good shape. We’re sitting here in October but I definitely have room for more and if you’d like to exhibit, I’ll make room, I’ll find space for you. It’s been a great show the last couple of years; we’ve had between 100 and 115 exhibitors. The Real Ag Convention and Trade Show is going to be held at the TRAC in Pasco on January 3rd and 4th.

For more information visit their website at

That’s today’s Line On Agriculture. I’m Greg Martin on the Ag Information Network. 

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