National Day of the Cowboy

National Day of the Cowboy

National Day of the Cowboy. I’m Greg Martin with today’s Line On Agriculture.??Cowboys.

They are the original action heroes…they are all a glamorized version of the hard working ranch hand. Each year about this time the cowboy gets their due with the National Day of the Cowboy coming up on Saturday, July 23th. The NDOC was founded back in 2005 to contribute to the preservation of America's Cowboy heritage so that the history and culture which the United States Congress's National Day of the Cowboy resolution honors, can be shared and perpetuated for the public good, through education, the arts, celebrations, gatherings, rodeos, and community activities according to organizer, Bethany Braley.??

BRALEY: Cowboys and cowgirls played a very significant role in helping us establish the American West - you know the work that they did, the ethics that they had, the kind of lifestyles that they lived. Out of that came all the other things, you know its part of the reason that they are so acknowledged the world over is because of their ethics and the contribution that they made.??Braley has been working to get national recognition for the event.??

BRALEY: Right now we are trying to get each governor to proclaim July as National Cowboy Heritage Month in their state so I put together a governor proclamation that I’ve actually sent to the Governor of Arizona. I tried to include different historic and social aspects relevant to the State of Arizona asking her to then declare July as Arizona Cowboy Heritage Month and then I’ll send that to anybody as a prototype so that they can look up some western statistics that relates to their state. They can put that in a proclamation request to their governor and that way we might be able to get a lot of governors to proclaim July as their states cowboy heritage month thus helping us to convince the judiciary committee that there is national interest because that’s really what’s keeping it from being permanent. ?

People all over the world love the American cowboy.??

BRALEY: Whatever the reasons are that people love cowboys and I think it goes back to what we talked about earlier, the ethics, the way they conduct themselves, the way they care the animals and care for the land; people around the world can share that regardless of their gender or their geography or their ethnicity or their generation or their politics even. There are people all over the world who love the American cowboy. Our version of the cowboy whether they learned about him in the movies or encountered him here in America it s really something special because there just aren’t that many things that people in the world can agree upon.??

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