Valentine's is Pink Lady Day

Valentine's is Pink Lady Day

Valentine’s is Pink Lady Day. I’m Greg Martin with today’s Fruit Grower Report.

Since Valentine’s Day was on Sunday this year there may be a few that are extending it into this President’s Day holiday. Alan Taylor with Pink Lady America.

TAYLOR: We’ve been working on this Valentine’s Day promotion with our shippers and retailers for about 5 years now and you always wonder if things like that are a success but we had some early indications with the amount of fruit shipped last week that what I’m calling the Valentine’s Day bounce that a good number of Pink Lady apples did move early for Valentine’s Day promotions.

Pink Lady America has taken Valentine’s Day as their own holiday and Taylor says that has been very beneficial for promotion.

TAYLOR: We according to the Yakima Valley Grower-Shippers we had 143-thousand boxes move last week which compared to some apples is not a lot but for Pink Lady it’s a record and I think by a substantial amount and it was 35-thousand boxes over the target that the Grower-Shippers had for that particular week so based on those figures it looks like we did get that Valentine’s Day bounce.

Even though Valentine’s Day was yesterday Taylor says if you forgot or just want to keep it going there is still plenty of product available.

TAYLOR: For those gentlemen who have been neglecting thinking about Valentine’s Day and what they need to do and they don’t want to go the candy or flowers route Pink Lady apples are very available. Run out to the supermarket and grab some apples. Get something healthy for a loved one.

That’s today’s Fruit Grower Report. I’m Greg Martin on the Northwest Ag Information Network.

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