Reaching Out to Linda

Reaching Out to Linda

Reaching Out to Linda. I’m Greg Martin with today’s Line On Agriculture.
Linda is not a real person but she is the most desired person in the marketing world according to Meredith Myers, Public Relations Manager for the United States Potato Board.

MYERS: First of all we have a target market that we are really trying to reach in significant ways; we call her Linda and she’s that marketing sweet spot of women who are between the ages of 25 and 54 with kids under 18 at home. Her attention is sought after by many marketers.

The USPB has recently launched a new website along with pages on Facebook and Twitter. Brittany Mohr, Account Executive with Fleishman-Hillard says Linda’s friends have expanded.

MOHR: Her peer group has just expanded exponentially so her quote-unquote “friends” are no longer just the people she’s physically in near enough proximity to get together with for coffee but also her virtual friends, Facebook friends, followers on Twitter, her blog community, whatever it might be and those relationships have become almost as strong and valuable in her eyes and as trustworthy of sources for recipes or advice or whatever it might be.

If you haven’t noticed more and more people are spending time online and use social media like blogging and programs like MySpace, Facebook and Twitter to keep in touch and so it is an important way of getting your message out there in addition to the conventional print and broadcast media.

MYERS: (For the) potato industry this is important because we have used traditional media vehicles to get our messages out to this audience, our messages meaning especially our nutrition message talking about the potassium, the vitamin C, the fiber content, the fact that potatoes are inherently good, goodness unearthed.

According to Mohr companies like the US Potato Board have made an interesting discovery in the way they market their products.

MOHR: We’ve been talking a lot lately about being found by Linda or consumers, whatever your target might be rather than chasing after them so I think having a presence on Facebook or an indirect presence on Twitter whatever it might be and allowing Linda to literally bump into your messages, your resources, whatever that might be has proven to be more effective than chasing or hoping that she stumbles across your website or some other static online property.

Be sure and check out their website at and also their Facebook & Twitter pages to follow what new and exiting things are happening with potatoes.

That’s today’s Line On Agriculture. I’m Greg Martin on the Northwest Ag Information Network.


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