ADM Syngenta Settle and JBS Chief Batista Freed

ADM Syngenta Settle and JBS Chief Batista Freed

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
ADM and Syngenta recently reached a settlement regarding the Viptera lawsuit. Companies agreed to keep the terms of the settlement confidential.

According to, Grain handlers,inclduign ADM,sued Syngenta for China rejecting shipments of corn in 2013 that contained the then-unapproved Agrisure Viptera trait.

China has a zer0-tollerance policy for unapproved traits which means even trace levels result in rejection. ADM and other grain handlers were seeking damages from the company for losses.

Wesley Batista, former head of Brazilian meatpacking gian JBS South America, is out of jail.

A Superior Justice Court released Batista Tuesday after spending almost six months behind bars for insider trading.

In September, Batista and his brother, Joesley, former JBS chairman, were charged with insider trading after prosecutors revoked plea-bargain agreements for the brothers' scheme to bribe politicians.

Wesley is banned from leaving the country and from participating in his family's companies or any market activities.

A recent Washington Examiner op-ed breaks down an unfolding scandal at the World Health Organization where the International Agency for Research on Cancer continually labels items as carcinogens, such as red meat and coffee.

Most recently, IARC labeled glyphosate, the world's most widely-used herbicide, a carcinogen, even though every other government study reached different conclusions.

The article says global public health is too important to cede to a scandal-ridden organization behaving as if it is beyond not only reproach, but also oversight.

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