Common Sense Approach Just Not that Common

Common Sense Approach Just Not that Common

In today's world of instantaneous information and 24-hour news cycle —- the need to take the time to learn both sides of an issue as well as keeping an open mind and actively listen to both sides is ever critical.

Anti-biotic resistant bacteria is a huge issue and unfortunately there is NO simple silver bullet that will fix it. It will take hard work, common sense and collaboration ... those seem to be more and more rare in everyday discussions. Yesterday afternoon, the Seattle City Council learned more about a proposed resolution asking for the banning of sub-therapeutic use of antibiotics in meat farm animals.

Washington State Dairy Federation Executive Directory Jay Gordon participated last week in a Seattle City Council committee meeting and testified and then yesterday with other livestock industry representatives attended the Seattle City Council meeting.

Gordon shares what needs to happen for effective change

Gordon: "Bringing together both animal agriculture and human medicine in a good collaborative conversation that looks at science and makes intelligent decisions on how we do reduce antibiotic resistance. How do we get more prudent use of antibiotics? How do we keep the that power of antibiotic working? Those are those kind of things that if we are serious about this — that needs to be done more. I didn't see that kind of leadership from the Seattle City Council. I'm going to beg them again to do that — because that is going to make the difference."

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