Florida Bird Flu Steps and American Farmers Get Older & Younger

Florida Bird Flu Steps and American Farmers Get Older & Younger

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, this is your Agribusiness Update.

**After recent reports of the bird flu found in cows and milk products across the U.S., the Florida Department of Agriculture is taking proactive measures to help protect Florida livestock.

www.morningagclips.com reports new temporary restrictions have been declared, including no cattle exposed or infected with the virus may be imported into Florida. No lactating dairy cattle from states with suspected or confirmed cases may be imported to Florida. And Non-lactating dairy cattle must have a valid Veterinary Inspection.


**The average age of U.S. farmers remains a concern.

Farmdoc Daily says the 2022 Census of Agriculture confirms U.S. farmers continue getting older, but relative to the rest of the population, American farmers have become slightly younger.

Since 1960, farmers’ ages have increased 7.6 years while the median age of the U.S. population has increased 8.8 years.

The average age of the U.S. farmer … 58.1 years.

**The EPA, the FDA, and USDA have developed a plan to update, streamline, and clarify regulations and oversight mechanisms for biotech products.

The joint plan is intended to ensure public confidence in the biotechnology regulatory system and improve its transparency, predictability, coordination, and efficiency.

The agencies intend to implement their efforts by clarifying and streamlining regulatory oversight for genetically engineered plants, animals, and microorganisms.

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