Bio Huma Netics Help Growers

Bio Huma Netics Help Growers

David Sparks Ph.D.
David Sparks Ph.D.
Balancing the farm books can be challenging to say the least. On one hand, you don’t want to spend money you don’t need to, but conversely, you want to give your commodity the best chance for success.

In the ongoing challenge to find that happy medium, Bio Huma Netics says they have the right combination of cost saving products, and soil health improving materials to help a variety of growers across be successful.

Fred Nichols is Bio Huma Netics’ Chief Marketing Officer.

“We can look to maybe reduce some of the traditional fertilizers that growers are using because, we know how much more costly they are. And right now, you know just the way the markets working and the way the world's working, crop input prices are a very tough challenge for any grower right now. By utilizing the humate products, you can actually, affordably, use our products, but in doing so reduce the amount of traditional NPK products that growers are using, as well as bring in some more soil health benefits.”

Nichols says their humic products harvest ancient sunlight, allowing growers to embrace the regenerative Ag effort, which he noted means more than just changing practices.

He says one of the many unique qualities about Bio Huma Netics is the fact that they are a family-owned and employee-owned company.

“And we also have a very large global footprint so you know in addition to serving growers in the Pacific Northwest, we also market our products in 30 different countries, so it gives us a great perspective and helps us learn how our products are working and performing for growers with unique challenges, all over the map. So, I think that's one benefit, one big benefit, you know that we bring is this whole global experience. And it allows us to recruit talent from around the world, to help in in the development of our of our products.”

That’s Fred Nichols, Bio Huma Netics’ Chief Marketing Officer.

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