Potato Exports Pt 1

Potato Exports Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson. It’s been a pretty good export year for U.S. potatoes so far.

Kim Brashears, Chief Marketing Officer at Potatoes USA, says this demonstrates that the demand for U.S. potatoes remains strong, and our access to Mexico will surely help drive that …

BRASHEARS … “In Mexico, the U.S. gained access to fresh potato exports to the entire country. Prior to there, it was really limited to border region, And so being able to export fresh potatoes into the interior parts of Mexico is a huge opportunity for the industry.”

Especially now, Brashears says with a broader access into Mexico …

BRASHEARS … “Last year, the crop was a little bit tighter than it is right now, but since this new crop year and harvest, we’ve actually seen exports increase into the central part of Mexico. And not only the exports increase, but they’re getting sold in more retail outlets than they were before.”

The demand in Mexico, Brashears says is there …

BRASHEARS … “The U.S. potato is different than what they grow locally in Mexico, so they’re introduced to a new product offering that they’re enjoying. So, we have the opportunity to educate them how to cook with the product, how to enjoy the product, how to shop for the product, and think about that. But yes, we do see demand continuing to grow.”

Tune in tomorrow for the latest on another major potato market on the verge of expansion, Japan.

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