Bird laser

Bird laser

David Sparks Ph.D.
David Sparks Ph.D.
Mississippi's aquaculture industry faces a soaring challenge as white egrets threaten fish populations, jeopardizing farms valued at $700,000 each. In response, innovative laser bird control technology is coming to the rescue.

The AVIX Autonomic Mark II, a laser bird deterrent system, has gained popularity among fish farmers for its use of green lights to disrupt bird behavior and effectively deter them from the environment without causing any harm. Distributed by In-Situ Environmental and created by Bird Control Group, these lasers are deployed at leading Mississippi fish farms, including Bear Creek Fisheries and Harvest Select Catfish.

Bear Creek Fisheries, known for nurturing juvenile and food-grade fish, has struggled with egrets disrupting feeding routines. According to spokesperson Andy Jones, "Birds consume 10 to 15 percent of our fish annually, driving up costs significantly.”

Harvest Select Catfish, besieged by thousands of egrets, faced massive fish losses and a financial burden. Jonathan Henderson, Farm Manager, explained, "We estimate a 10% loss, which equates to $750,000 worth of fish or more.”

Both farms have successfully implemented the AVIX Autonomic Mark II laser bird repellents, achieving remarkable results. Henderson noted, "We've seen an 80–90% reduction in bird presence this year, thanks to these lasers.”

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