How Speaker of the House Removal Will Impact the Farm Bill

How Speaker of the House Removal Will Impact the Farm Bill

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This is Corryn La Rue of the Ag Information Network with California Ag Today.

Looking back on a tumultuous week that saw Kevin McCarthy removed from his position as Speaker of the House and representatives reconvening from a short recess, the upheaval on Capitol Hill adds to the delayed progress of the farm bill.

National Association of State Departments of Agriculture’s CEO Ted McKinney joins us.

“This moment in time, it is not helping the farm bill and moving it along at all. We have forces—certainly there are forces against it coming along yet this year or maybe even pushing it off a little bit into next year. Those forces are there. But you have got to remember that there are also forces in place to getting it done.”

“The House Ag Chair and even former Speaker McCarthy have all said this is the one major bill that they think they have to get done. There has been a lot of groundwork laid by both parties in both the Senate and the House, so I'm not ready to fall down and put my hands to my head and cry in despair. I think that's where maturity and level heads need to prevail.”

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