More Farmers Embracing Technology and Tractor Sales Higher

More Farmers Embracing Technology and Tractor Sales Higher

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson with your Agribusiness Update.

**National Peanut Day was last week, September 13 and although Florida is best known for its citrus, peanuts are another popular commodity grown in the Sunshine State. reports, Florida farmers harvested 554 million pounds of peanuts in 2022, making the state the third largest peanut producing state in the country.

In Florida, peanuts are planted in the spring because of the ideal weather conditions.

**As demand for agricultural output continues to rise, U.S. and Canadian farmers are embracing autonomous technology to boost their operations and productivity. reports, a May of 22 Raven and Forward Group survey revealed 65% of the 225 harvest cart operators surveyed expressed interest in adopting autonomy solutions, with 29% showing high enthusiasm.

A substantial 67% are aiming to adopt autonomy technology by 2027, with 47% planning integration by 2025.

**Heavy-duty row crop tractor sales continued to increase in the U.S., while overall farm tractor sales in the U.S. and Canada declined in August.

The Association of Equipment Manufacturers reports 100-plus horsepower, two-wheel-drive tractors, and four-wheel-drive tractors, were the only segments to grow year over year.

The biggest overall growth among tractors happened in four-wheel-drive units, growing more than 20 percent in August.

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