Communication is Key in Agriculture

Communication is Key in Agriculture

Tim Hammerich
Tim Hammerich
News Reporter
This is Tim Hammerich of the Ag Information Network with your Farm of the Future Report.

AGvisorPro is a platform bringing together producers, companies, and experts to solve the questions of the agriculture industry. CEO and founder Robert Saik says the inspiration came from wanting to support farmers while enabling professionals to monetize their knowledge and wisdom.

Saik… “What I want to do with AGvisorPro is I want to make virtual services available to the agricultural community.”

The platform covers a variety of questions and connects people to answers, with hopes of creating more trust, sustainability, and longevity within the agriculture industry.

Saik… “It’s much more than just agronomy; its livestock; its equipment; it’s HR; it’s personal. So there’s lots of layers. That’s why I call it an ecosystem, Tim because at first, it was an app. We were trying to solve a problem, connect a farmer to an expert, try to monetize that expert. But, then it grew into a platform and AgVisorPro is a full ecosystem.”

Saik believes one of the biggest assets of the platform is providing individuals with resources beyond their echo chamber, as sometimes a solution might come from someone you don’t know.

Saik… “I think we need that. I think we need to connect to people fast, trusted people. So we want the experts to be verified. We want to be able to see how they’ve interacted before with other people on the platform and again, that’s all been built.”

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