U.S. Farm Expenditures and Survey Says Farm Bill Unlikely

U.S. Farm Expenditures and Survey Says Farm Bill Unlikely

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson with your Agribusiness Update.

**The USDA has released the 2022 U.S. Total Farm Production Expenditures summary that are estimated at $452.7 billion, up from $392.9 billion in 2021, up 15.2%.

The four largest expenditures totaled $219.6 billion, accounting for 48.5% of total expenditures last year.

These include feed, 18.5%, farm services, 10.8%, livestock, poultry, and related expenses, 10.1%, and labor, 9.2%.

**Ethanol groups welcome new legislation that seeks to level the playing field for vehicles running on low-carbon liquid fuels like ethanol.

The Fuel Fairness Act, introduced last week, would provide a meaningful incentive for automakers to manufacture flex-fuel vehicles in addition to battery electric vehicles.

Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor says, “This bill would level the playing field, so both electricity and low-carbon biofuels can drive progress toward a net-zero future.”

**For the first time in Purdue University polling, more farmers than not say Congress is UNLIKELY to pass a farm bill this year.

Some 36% of large-scale farmers and ranchers surveyed for the Ag Economy Barometer said a farm bill was “very” or “somewhat” unlikely this year.

Two months ago, 40% said it was “very” or “somewhat” LIKELY this year. Now, only 30% say so.


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