Combatting Sulfur Deficiency in Peanuts

Combatting Sulfur Deficiency in Peanuts

Lorrie Boyer
Lorrie Boyer
Today we're talking peanuts- with your Southeast Regional Ag News and Lorrie Boyer in for Haylie Shipp. Adam Scarborough with Helena-Agri Enterprises joins me here today for our discussion.

Adam, as peanut production, continues in the Southeast. How can growers improve crop development?

Yes, ma'am. What we've seen 50% of our high ground sold samples that we've taken across the country so a deficiency in sulfur and Helena offers a line of products that combine powerful micronutrients to combat this issue. Ele-Max Sulfur Complete is one of these products that some nutritional that utilizes sulfur, magnesium, boron, and manganese to gain control of crop development.

If someone is interested in using this product, how can it be utilized in peanut production?

Ele-Max Sulphur Complete be tank mixed with most crop production chemicals. I'd like to remind everyone that one of the big no no's is to four dB with any sulfur product but Ele-Max Sulfur Complete is available as a soluble powder formulation. It makes it really easy. It's safe for tender foliage, with a combination of the components that's in Ele-Max Sulfur, it aids in protein formulation, chlorophyll production and nitrogen fixation in the peanut plants.

If somebody wants more information, Adam where is the best place to send them?

You can visit For more information on Ele-Max for complete and define your local Helena retailer.

Thank you very much, Adam. I appreciate it. Once again, Adam Scarborough with Helena-Agri Enterprises.

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