Helena Agri Offering Tailored Nutrient Program

Helena Agri Offering Tailored Nutrient Program

Today we are joined by Christina White, Western Division AGRIntelligence Manager for Helena Agri-Enterprises. Christina, we know Helena spends a lot of time researching nutrient management across the country. What are some of the interesting findings in our area?

“That’s correct. With our Extractor program, we’ve built a huge database of tissue samples in a variety of crops. That gives us tremendous insight into how our nutritional plans are performing throughout the season. For example, across the Central San Joaquin Valley in tree nuts, we’re seeing potassium deficiencies at every stage of growth regardless of soil type. We also see a sizeable amount of zinc, manganese and iron deficiencies develop around leaf out. So those are some things to consider as you look at applications moving forward.”

How can growers discover what’s going on in their own fields?

“It’s incredibly easy to get started with Extractor. Our specialists will come out, observe your fields and pull samples to measure variability from acre to acre. But the difference with Helena is that it doesn’t stop there. We use Extractor results to give you in-season recommendations that make financial sense for your crop based on its agronomic needs.”

Before we go, tell our listeners where they can go to learn more.

“You can visit helenaagri.com to find your local Helena retailer.”

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