Happy National Ag Day - 50 Years!

Happy National Ag Day - 50 Years!

Welcome back to the show and most importantly, Happy National Ag Day. Today marks 50 years of celebrating and honoring our food and fiber producers across the nation.

Joining us is American Farm Bureau Federation President Zippy Duvall…

“Ag Day is an awesome opportunity to celebrate everything that we as farmers and ranchers do and reflect on how fortunate we are to go to work each and every day in the fields, barns and pastures on our farms. It's also an opportunity to talk with our consumers about agriculture, to get outside of our fence rows and share the story of the vital role that agriculture plays in our society.”

Although it’s the foundation of America, promoting the industry and educating the public can seem intimidating. Going forward this year, Duvall says there are many ways you can get involved in celebrating ag:

“The easiest way to get involved is to tell your story. You might want to visit a school and read one of our Foundation for Agriculture’s accurate ag books, or maybe even post something on social media that's going on on your farm. Or you could call a legislator and just tell him or her why agriculture is important. If you really want to go all out, host an event on your farm or ranch and invite the community to come in and see what you do every day, and let them get to know you.”

Learn more at agday.org.

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