California Disaster Assistance Programs

California Disaster Assistance Programs

If this year’s rain has impacted your land or commodity, you might qualify for some loan assistance programs. San Luis Obispo County Farm Bureau’s Executive Director Brent Burchett…

“We want people to understand that the Small Business Administration is not where they're going to get business relief. So agriculture folks that are producing a commodity, so not the winery but the vineyard, someone actually producing commodity, they're not eligible for Small Business Administration assistance for their business losses. They need to contact the USDA Farm Service Agency. And there are several programs that are either a grant, which is basically cost share assistance or it's a low interest loan. So there is assistance out there. People are welcome to contact the local farm bureaus, SLO County Farm Bureau has been trying to gather all this information because we want to help save folks some time. It's a very frustrating process.”

Programs with upcoming deadlines include the Small Business Administration Loans are due March 16, and the Emergency Conservation Program that covers things like debris removal, dirt work, putting up fences, with a deadline of April 14.

For more information on what programs you may qualify for, go to

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