Case iH FARMALL Line Celebrates 100 Years

Case iH FARMALL Line Celebrates 100 Years

This is Corryn La Rue with California Ag Today. We are at the World Ag Expo in Tulare this week and I'm standing with Greg Lucey, he's here to talk to me about Case iH “One for All since 1923.”

“We have a great anniversary at Case iH this year with our Farm All brand. We've been around since 1923 and we've satisfied farmers ranchers globally for over a hundred years now. It's a wonderful anniversary for us to celebrate.”

“Our farm align today, going forward for the next 100 years is wonderful. We have a great product offering. We're able to have solutions for farmers, ranchers, livestock owners, even small land owners with horsepower ranges from 35 to 140 horsepower in the farm line. So we can meet so many specifications, a lot of configurations. So we're truly still the one for all with the Farm mall line at Case iH.”

“In the west region, or what we consider the west region, which is California and some of the other states, we get into a lot of specialty crops, orchards, vineyards, trees, all kinds of different configurations are needed and wanted for producers to bring their crops to market. We have many configurations. One of the biggest ones we've brought to market lately is our Orchard Cab configurations.”

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