The New Water Reporting Deadline is Now February 1

The New Water Reporting Deadline is Now February 1

SB 88, or the State Water Resource Control Board’s water measurement regulations moved its deadline from April and July up to February 1. The California Cattlemen Association’s podcast the Sorting Pen included some information on that. Here is a clip from that podcast of Noah Lopez with the Rancher Technical Assistance Program.

“Reports were either due April 1st or July 1st, depending on the type of water right. Now all reports are going to be due February 1st, so regardless of your water right, the report is due February 1st. Also changing as the reporting period. So previously the diverters reported on the calendar year, that's January through December, and now the reports are going to be for the water year, which is October through the September of the following year.”

So not only do we have a deadline change, but the timeline for what you're actually reporting for water usage is changing as well.

“Most of us are familiar with the regulations, but essentially it requires that water diverters record and measure and then report those measurements to the State Water Board annually. There's different measurement requirements for different sizes and types of diversions.

So for example, if you're deferring to storage versus diverting directly, you have a different requirement for the accuracy of the device you measure with, as well as the frequency of the measurements you take.

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