American Lamb Board Releases FY22 Report and New Strategic Plan

American Lamb Board Releases FY22 Report and New Strategic Plan

Russell Nemetz
Russell Nemetz
The past year has been challenging for the U.S. Lamb industry, between price inflation, labor challenges and the economic downturn, added to the lingering Covid pandemic. The American Lamb Board (ALB) released its FY22 Annual Report to inform Mandatory Lamb Checkoff stakeholders of its work to mitigate the effects of outside forces and take advantage of opportunities.

“Even though many challenges are out of our control, it’s critical that we keep driving forward as hard as we can to promote American Lamb and the US Sheep Industry,” said Peter Camino, ALB chairman. “During this past tough year, your American Lamb Board worked to support our loyal American Lamb retail and foodservice customers and invest in programs and strategies that can strengthen our long-term competitiveness. Making American Lamb the preferred choice of consumers, chefs and retailers is at the core of your American Lamb Checkoff’s promotion, information and research programs.”

The focus now turns to FY23 and beyond.

“As the American Lamb industry looks to the future, there are several areas for opportunity,” according to Camino. To embrace those opportunities, ALB has announced an ambitious strategic plan for the next five years, including increasing demand for American Lamb by 5% and taking 5% market share from lamb imports by the end of 2028.

To that end, ALB has identified three primary goals:

-Marketing: Grow consumer demand for American Lamb

-Research, Education & Innovation: Optimize/prioritize research and education efforts to improve product quality and consistency, increase productivity and grow the year-round supply of American Lamb

-Industry Services: Expand awareness, understanding, engagement and involvement of stakeholders in the American Lamb Checkoff

The American Lamb Board (ALB) is an industry-funded national research, promotion and information checkoff program that works on behalf of all American commercial and seedstock producers, feeders, direct marketers and processors to build awareness and demand for American Lamb. Funding is through mandatory assessments paid by all industry segments. The board is appointed by the Secretary of Agriculture and represents all industry sectors, geographic regions and sizes of production. The work of the ALB is overseen by USDA and supported by staff in Denver, Colorado.

ALB’s annual budget averages about $2.5 million. Almost two-thirds of funds are devoted to American Lamb promotion. By law, the Board’s expenditures for administration are limited to 10% or less of projected revenues. The board was established in 2002. More information is at

Source: American Lamb Board

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