FMC Friday Bolstering Plant Health with Systemic Fungicide

FMC Friday Bolstering Plant Health with Systemic Fungicide

Welcome back and thanks for joining us again for our weekly FMC Friday report! This FMC Friday is brought to you by Altacor eVo insect control powered by Rynaxypyr active. Don’t let Lepidopteran pests go unpunished.

Regional FMC tech services manager Gail Stratman sat down with me at NAFB this fall to talk about the company’s new systemic fungicide, gaining popularity throughout California.

“One product that we’ve seen a lot of growth with, a lot of interest in California is a product called Rhyme. We can put this on and let the roots pick it up. We are also seeing utilizing that in trying to manage some of our woody diseases that kind of get in the wounds and pruning areas of trees that can deteriorate over time. You having this in the plant helps prevent some of those infection spots. Growers are seeing a tremendous amount of plant health and plant utility out of this… it’s something that growers haven’t had in their toolbox in the past, it’s a really novel way to go about attacking disease management in some of these crops.”

Thanks for tuning in for FMC Friday. Shield your yield this season with Altacor eVo insect control and don’t let Lepidopteran pests go unpunished.

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