Rural America: Check FCC Broadband Map for Accuracy

Rural America: Check FCC Broadband Map for Accuracy

The Federal Communications Commission released the National Broadband Map in November. Emily Buckman, American Farm Bureau Federation Government Affairs Director, says the new map displays specific location-level information regarding broadband services availability.

“Which is a huge step from where we used to be where broadband data availability was based off of census block level data. American Farm Bureau was a strong proponent of the Broadband DATA Act, which essentially led the way to this new, more granular map so that folks can see where and who is getting broadband service.”

Buckman says people in rural areas can verify the accuracy of the map.

“So, the public is able to view the map at, search for their address and can see if their information about fixed and mobile services that was submitted by internet providers is actually accurate. It's pretty simple, you just take a look at the map on the website, type in your address and you can see what was reported as far as from providers.”

She encourages rural residents to check the accuracy of the map, as the map will determine federal funding opportunities.

View the map at

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