Trade Your Crop Byproducts for Electricity

Trade Your Crop Byproducts for Electricity

California ag producers pay the most for electricity compared to those in any other state. With production costs already at an all-time high, one renewable energy company says it can offer relief by converting your biomass waste into electricity.

V-Grid Energy CEO Greg Campbell says the renewable energy company can offer you financial relief on bills for electricity, in trade for your byproducts.

“By getting access to their crop waste, we save them money by having to dispose of it, or hire labor to spread it out. We can convert that electricity for them and put it back on the grid, and net meter their electricity bill down, and charge them a lower rate than they pay the utility. So in other words, we save them money on electricity.”

Campbell says they’re looking for farmers who have crop waste… and large electricity bills.

“If we can take those nutshells or dead trees and chip them up into wood chips, or like a grapevine, or any kind of plant matter, and instead of letting it decompose and put that CO2 all the way back up into the atmosphere, if we can convert that into electricity and carbon in the form of Biochar, then put that Biochar into the soil to help plants grow what we are affectively doing is we are short-circuiting or bypassing that CO2 that would have otherwise gone back into the atmosphere.”

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