Be Grape Wise on Winter Weed Management

Be Grape Wise on Winter Weed Management

Corryn La Rue
Corryn La Rue
With today’s special Grape Wise report from Helena Agri-Enterprises, I’m Corryn La Rue with California Ag Today. We are joined by Paul Crout, Helena Agronomist for the Western Division.


“Thank you, Corryn. It’s great to be back on the show.”


Paul, now that grape harvest is wrapped up, what are some things growers should consider for next year’s crop?


“Effective weed management is a critical part of Helena’s Grape Wise program. Weeds under the vine rows can cause a number of problems throughout the season. Besides directly competing with the vines for water and nutrients, weeds can also influence the presence of harmful insects, mites, nematodes and diseases. Weeds also provide habitat and food for vertebrate pests like gophers, ground squirrels and voles.”


That’s great information Paul. How should growers best manage weeds for their farming practice?


“Assuming we have clean under-vine berms due to an effective spring-summer program, the key tool for fall-winter weed control is the pre-emergent herbicide application. Keys to successful pre-emergent herbicide applications include: properly calibrated spray equipment, material applied to bare dirt, soil incorporation utilizing natural rainfall or overhead irrigation, and the correct herbicide for the weed mix present in the vineyard. The pre-emergent of choice for Grape Wise growers is Centrus™, the only dual-action pre-emergent herbicide on the market today. Centrus is a pre-emergent herbicide for grape growers that combines two industry-proven herbicides to provide long, residual weed control, plus complimentary burndown.”


Paul, before we go, where can our listeners go to learn more?


“You can visit for more information and to find your local Helena retailer to develop a custom Grape Wise program for your vineyards.”


Thanks again to Paul Crout, Helena Agronomist, for that insight.

For California Ag Today, I’m Corryn La Rue with the Agriculture Information Network.


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