More on the 2022 National FFA Convention

More on the 2022 National FFA Convention

As the 2022 FFA National Convention kicks off, it’s a great time to highlight the value of agriculture education, guiding the next generation of producers, ranchers, and agriculture leaders.

Tami Craig Schilling with Bayer says it is important to raise awareness among students, both those involved in FFA and those who are not, about the career opportunities in agriculture.

“As a company, Bayer is heavily invested in food and agriculture. We know that innovation and sustainability really mean a lot. We also know that the next generation of agriculture leaders are going to lead innovation and sustainability efforts. With us having such a long history of working with organizations like FFA, we have the opportunity to connect with young people, and not only makes them aware of opportunities that Bayer, but even make them aware of opportunities beyond our company and then the entire industry. And we value ag educators as a foundation of cultivating the next generation of ag leaders. Right now, there are several states that lack enough ag teachers to fill the open roles. It's going to be very important to attract talent in this area so that the ag industry can continue to thrive and grow for years to come.”

Join us next time as I cover more of the FFA Organization during its 2022 national convention.

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