Western Cattle Groups Concerned Over Govt. Intervention

Western Cattle Groups Concerned Over Govt. Intervention

Cattle groups have concerns about the federal government getting involved in issues between beef producers and meat packers. Mark Streuli with the Washington state Cattlemen’s Association says government intervention to try and make things more equitable between producers and packers is a delicate issue.

"This is definitely a hot topic in our industry and an important topic in our association. So, we're watching what's going on with that, at least what's going on with that in D.C. with a close eye."

There's also concern about the cost of running a cattle operation among the Association's members, especially with inflation at historic levels.

"The cost of diesel at five dollars a gallon and more just for starters. And the list goes on. All inputs are going up."

According to Streuli, there's concern over how outside factors, particularly federal policy, are squeezing the industry.

"We are increasingly under attack from regulations that don't seem to necessarily understand how food production works, how beef production works. And when you add that into a rough economy, we're concerned."

The U.S. House of Representatives plan a vote on the Lower Food and Fuel Costs Act this week (Thursday), which addresses the meat and poultry sector, including providing subsidies for small processors.

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