5 ways to kill a buck

5 ways to kill a buck

David Sparks Ph.D.
David Sparks Ph.D.
5 Ways to Kill a Late Season Buck according to Bowhunting.com

1. Concentrate on Food

As bucks wrap up their chasing efforts following the rut, they’ll transition back to focusing on food. They’ve likely dropped weight and have been run ragged. Refueling will be of the utmost importance at this  time. Key in on December food sources to catch a buck slipping out before last light. Green plots can be a magnet for bucks at this time, as well as bean fields with leftovers readily available.

2. Spend More Time Scouting

Some quick scouting recon with optics or trail cams will help you confirm exactly where you need to be at this time of the year. Your scouting efforts will help determine what food sources (mentioned above) you’ll need to focus on in the late season.

3. Relocate

As mentioned above, you’ll have to spend some time relocating a shooter buck. And this will often mean you’ll have to do some relocating of your own. The same stands you’ve been hunting the last several months are not likely to be your best bet to make your move in the final days of the season.

You can bet the deer have patterned you as much as you’ve patterned them. They will steer clear of high pressure areas and stand sites they encountered trouble from. Make your move now. Take the time now to relocate stands according to the scouting and intel you’ve conducted to punch your late season tag. 

4. Deer Drives

Rarely will you hear people talk about deer drives for bowhunting. But the fact is, it works. The key is to be strategic, bump lightly, and know your escape routes. It’s actually a ton of fun and a great way to change up the game in the late season. 

5. Hunt Overlooked Areas

When the late season closes in, you’ll often find deer hanging out in some of the most unlikely places. They’ve been dodging hunting pressure for months now and many have relocated to new hides to fly under the radar of hunting pressure.

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