CA Dairies Will Help With Baby Formula Shortage

CA Dairies Will Help With Baby Formula Shortage

Let’s talk about the baby formula shortage in America right now. There are three things I want to cover on this topic, and I will have to do another two-parter for this. So first, let’s dive into what is being done as we speak to combat this crisis.

The Department of Agriculture is teaming up with the Department of Defense and Health and Human Services to get safe infant formula on store shelves as quickly as possible.

President Biden invoked the Defense Production Act which, in summary, allows companies making the formula to skip the line, and be the first to receive the ingredients they need.

National Milk Producers Federation’s Senior Vice President for Trade Policy Shawna Morris is back with us to talk about how California dairies are ready to charge full speed ahead on supplying companies.

“Our members are fully prepared and ready to do whatever we need to help support those efforts…how do we make sure that we relieve the panic parents are understandably going through right now given the dire circumstances.”

Department of Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack says the USDA and Department of Defense landed a contract with Switzerland’s Nestle facility, and flew a 35-ton shipment of hyper allergenic formula to the U.S. this week.

Thanks for joining, tune in next time, I’m going to dive into why this shortage happened, who could have seen this coming, and how the U.S. government says its going to prevent this from happening in the future.

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