The Alliance for Food and Farming on Producer Efforts

The Alliance for Food and Farming on Producer Efforts

The Alliance for Food and Farming (AFF) says publications advocating against certain agriculture products, such as the “Dirty Dozen” list published by the Environmental Working Group, highlight a bigger issue with consumer knowledge. Back with us today is AFF’s Executive Director Teresa Thorne.

“People have to remember that farmer’s first consumer is their own family. So food safety is obviously a key priority for them, but I think also that it’s important to understand how those farmers and farm workers feel when groups call their products dirty. It is disrespectful, it is hurtful, and more to the point, these farmers and farm workers have been working hard throughout the pandemic. We have not had an interruption in fruits and vegetables being supplied to us throughout this. And dealing with inflation and supply chain issues now as well, and they’re continuing to get us safe and healthy food, consistent supply. For them to be disrespected like this, year after year, it’s just unconscionable to me.”

Thorne says peer reviewed science shows eating organic over conventional does not reduce consumer risk, due to the lack of pesticide residue on conventional produce.

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