Pandemic Cover Crop Program Sign Ups Deadline

Pandemic Cover Crop Program Sign Ups Deadline

The USDA wants to remind producers the deadline for help with cover crops is Tuesday, March 15. Risk Management Agency Administrator Marcia Bunger says the Pandemic Cover Crop Program had a successful pilot year, but this year USDA made some changes that should benefit even more farmers.

“In 2021, we saw producers receiving $59.6 million in premium support for cover crops over 12.2 million acres. My personal opinion is that we should see that number and possibly even more for the 2022 program. We have made some changes to the 2022 program. It continues to cover winter cover followed by a spring-planted insured crop and will now also include summer cover for fall-planted insured crops.”

“Ag producers who have coverage under most crop insurance policies are going to be eligible for the premium benefit of $5 premium credit per acre up to the premium owed if they planted cover crops, followed by an insured crop in the 2022 crop year. PCCP does not change acreage reporting dates, reporting requirements, or any other items as it is tied to the crop insurance policies.”

No program sign-up is required. Producers automatically get the benefit if they report qualifying cover crops on the Report of Acreage by March 15. Contact your local Farm Service Agency office for more information.

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