Grape Wise Report with Helena Agri-Enterprises

Grape Wise Report with Helena Agri-Enterprises

Haylie Shipp
Haylie Shipp
With today’s special Grape Wise report from Helena Agri-Enterprises, I’m Corryn La Rue with California Ag Today. We are joined by Paul Crout, Helena Agronomist for the Western Division.

“Thank you, Corryn. It’s great to be on the show.”

Paul, it looks like vines are just coming out of dormancy, what are you seeing out there?

“Corryn, right now we’re seeing bud break, which is an important time in a grape fertility program. Timing is critical, we want to apply our first shot of fertilizer when the vines have pushed 3-4 leaves, no earlier because the vines aren’t pulling water or nutrients from the roots before then.”

Spring is definitely a crucial time in grapes. How do you recommend growers maximize their fertilizer applications?

“It’s important to remember that the cold, wet soils we typically have in the spring can inhibit nutrient uptake in the vines, especially phosphate. Helena’s Nucleus Ortho-Phos fertilizer solves this issue by supplying vines with immediately available forms of phosphate. The addition of Hydra-Hume humic acid during this time also complexes nutrients, both in the soil and the fertilizer blend, and makes them more available to the vine. These recommendations are part of Helena’s program to help you Be Grape Wise.”

Paul, before we go, tell our listeners where they can go to learn more?

“You can visit for more information and to find your local Helena retailer to develop a custom Grape Wise program that’s right for your vineyard.”

Thanks again to Paul Crout, Agronomist at Helena Agri-Enterprises, for that insight.

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