Crop Progress in the Southeast

Crop Progress in the Southeast

Maura Bennett
Maura Bennett

Here's a look at the crop progress reports for our Southeast Region states.

In Georgia, steady rainfall continued around the state to help maintain good overall crop conditions.

Early corn is beginning to mature but corn rust was noted in a few counties.

Livestock conditions continued to be good

Peanuts were sprayed with fungicides and herbicides and they continue to peg.

USDA meteorologist, Brad Rippey, has the latest look at the nation's peanut crop.

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In Florida, Heavy rain decreased peanut and cotton conditions. But the rain helped to moderate the high temperatures throughout the citrus growing region. This season’s citrus harvest was complete. Next season’s crop progressed as normal, with oranges about golf ball size and grapefruit approximately baseball size. A variety of fruits and vegetables were planted and marketed last week. Some crops were stressed due to constant rain.

Farmers near coastal Alabama had a hard time applying herbicide and fungicide to crops, especially corn due to rainfall. Corn rust was detected in some fields near Coastal Alabama. Central Alabama producers reported adequate rain and good progress with fieldwork. Soybean planting is near completion and corn is thriving. Warmer and dryer conditions are needed for cotton. Winter wheat harvesting is nearly complete. Hayfields continued to be cut and some farmers applied fertilizer and herbicide treatments.

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