Camas Prarie Drought

Camas Prarie Drought

David Sparks Ph.D.
David Sparks Ph.D.
Nobody this year had missed out on the fact that the entire West which very much includes Idaho is experiencing extreme heat and drought. In Craigmont, Idaho, located on the Camas Prairie, Morgan and Raymond Mosman remember their more fortuitous beginning as farmers : "My first two years were record years, as far as rain and we had 118 bushel wheat," said Morgan Mosman. 

"We've had less than an inch of rain this spring," said farmer Ray Mosman. 

"Its been pretty dry for all the crops," 

"Hi, My name is Raymond Mosman and this is my wife Morgan, We're 4th generation farmers here on the family farm, and through it all we are still farming," said Ray Mosman. 

Mosman farms 2-thousand acres on the Camas Prairie near Craigmont. Drought is the biggest concern thus far. 

"So as you can see, wheat is pretty stunted this year, we are short on moisture and light green color and the plants are not very full," said Mosman. 

"This is a huge difference from last year said," Morgan Mosman. 

"After two record years, it's very sparse."

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